Terms of Sale


1. The shop is a e-commerce sales of spare parts and products related to the vehicles that are mentioned in the website.

2. The purchase of products is through the Internet by means of the channel of telesales. No deliveries are made on hand. We do not have a physical store.

3. The communication path for query or any information is through the following email address: As an alternative there is the following mailing address and phone number:
Street Corsica no. 638, 08026, Barcelona, Spain
Phone: 93 435 98 81 (we do NOT have a physical store)

4. The products are new (except for some that are listed as used), manufactured in the same time that the vehicle in question was in production, except those marked as new fabrication. During this remaining time, have been stored in different stores dedicated to the sale of spare parts. It is possible that during this period, despite the fact that they are new and not used, the passage of time has made its appearance is not as fresh out of the factory. This does not mean that they will be damaged or that are not new, but are in perfect state of functioning, but not with the appearance of newly assembled or manufactured. This situation is most common in those parts, whose main outer material is metal or plastic.

5. In each spare part or product there is a detailed description where it indicates the type of spare part, manufacturer’s brand, manufacturer’s reference, and for which brand and model it is adaptable. This information is always indicated by the manufacturer of the spare part on the reference in question. Additionally, a photograph is attached (in most cases) to facilitate the information and avoid errors; heritagestocks. com is not responsible in any case that this description of the manufacturer of the spare part is exact. Please note that the same model has undergone several modifications during its production period, both mechanical and aesthetic. In case of doubt we suggest you contact us: info@heritagestocks. com.

6. Payment can be made by choosing any of the methods available in the purchase options. As a general rule, this can be done by credit/debit card, PayPal, cash on delivery and bank transfer.

7. The shipping, handling and packing jacks are described in the corresponding section. Shipping costs are calculated according to the weight and/or volume of the spare part, and/or the sum of the spare parts purchased. For payment via reimbursement, shipping costs vary, check the extra charge.

8. The shipment is made through any of the following companies: Correos, Correos Express, Zeleris, TNT, Keavo or Seur. For shipments to the European Union and the rest of the world, it will be done with the companies Correos, Correos Express, Zeleris, Packlink Selection, Starpack or UPS. heritagestocks. com will choose according to its criteria the most appropriate for each destination and weight of the shipment. For international shipments, you must request the shipping costs in advance before making the purchase. For shipments outside the European Union, as well as the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, all duties and taxes generated will be borne by the buyer/destination, which must accept them as such and under no circumstances may make any claim for this situation.
9. The approximate delivery time is calculated for shipments to the Peninsula. This time is estimated between 2 and 5 working days, after having confirmed your order by heritagestocks. com for the spare parts in stock. For parts that have been located and quoted on request by the buyer, the approximate delivery time is indicated on the quote. The delivery time starts from the day the transfer is effective in the bank account of heritagestocks. com. Usually the delivery times are shorter than those indicated. In the event that delivery times are delayed as indicated, heritagestocks. com will inform the recipient of the reason for the delay in delivery. The main cause of delay is not having a spare part in stock. Under no circumstances can the customer claim for the delay of a delivery. Delivery times are always approximate; heritagestocks. com is not responsible for delays and incidents that may occur during transport for reasons attributable to the carrier, and no claims can be made to that effect. These are considered working days from Monday to Friday. Non-working days will be weekends, and any national, regional or local holiday, both in the town of origin of the shipment and the recipient. The Autonomous Community of origin of the shipment is Madrid. For all other non-peninsular destinations, check transit and delivery times at


All products have the guarantee that marks the law of guarantees. The guarantee starts from the day of receipt of the spare part at the customer’s delivery address. The claim process is as follows: In the event that a spare part is defective, it must be reported in writing to info@heritagestocks. com. Indicating the defect, the name of the spare part, the name of the customer and the date of purchase. The time to make a claim is 3 working days from the day of receipt of the goods. Once the request has been processed, the customer will be informed of the approval of the return. The customer will prepare the spare parts well packed, so that the parcel service company assigned by heritagestocks. com will pick up the package at the customer’s address. In case the spare part can be replaced due to stock, another spare part will be returned to the customer. In the case of not being able to replace the same spare part, you will be refunded the amount of the spare part, through bank transfer. For this purpose the client will provide a bank account number. If in the description of the spare part and/or in any mail or other means, informing of some tare and/or defect of the spare part when receiving it heritagestocks. com, the client will not have right to any refund. No replacement will be returned if it has been used, tampered with, or is returned partially or totally broken or with any tare. If the order arrives defective by the carrier, the customer will have to indicate it and make the review in writing to the reception of the shipment if this one presents in his part of packing damages to the driver who does the delivery. If it is detected after the shipment has been opened and there are damaged goods, the customer must inform in writing to info@heritagestocks. com of the incident, and of the affected spare pars in detail. You should never throw away the original packaging, and you should take pictures of how the goods have arrived.

The time to inform heritagestocks. com is a maximum of 24 hours from delivery of the shipment by the carrier. After this time, heritagestocks. com will not be able to claim to the carrier nor will it be able to have any responsibility on the state of the goods when they are delivered.


In accordance with the provisions of Law 7/196 of 15 January BOE 17 January 1996 on distance sales, According to the provisions of Law 7/1996 of 15 January BOE 17 January 1996 on distance sales, you, as the buyer will be entitled to return the product within seven days after receipt of the order. In this case, the buyerust pay the direct costs of return and, if necessary, compensate for any damage to the object of purchase. The material, in case of return, must be sent, prior notice to the email info@heritagestocks. com. It will be done in the original product packaging, and in perfect condition. In these cases, heritagestocks. com will return the money of the purchase through bank transfer. A customer may return a product provided the following requirements are met:

1) The return is notified by email info@heritagestocks. com during the following 15 calendar days after the delivery of the goods at the address indicated by the customer. The notification must specify the reason for the return.

2) The return will be made through the Post Office or parcel delivery company to the address provided by heritagestocks. com when the return is accepted. If you wish, heritagestocks. com can pick up the return package, previously packed by the customer, with the delivery company designated by heritagestocks. com. The cost of this collection will be the same as the initial shipment. This amount will be deducted from the total amount of the refund.

3) If the spare part has original packaging, it must also be returned. Without its original packaging, no return will be accepted.

4) No return of a spare part that has been previously assembled, used, manipulated or has any kind of mark is allowed.

5) No return of any spare part that has been damaged by the customer, for any reason, including a bad assembly of the same, will be accepted.

6) Spare parts that have been requested under budget and under order will not be returned because they are not in stock in our warehouses.

7) The shipping costs generated by a return, as well as the initial shipping costs, will always be charged to the customer. These expenses cannot be claimed for any reason from heritagestocks. com

8) The return of the spare part will be done through the same way as the payment: credit card charge, or Paypal. If it was by card, it will be returned by bank transfer. Refund handling fees are not refunded. The customer must provide his account number. The transfer will be made within 15 working days of receipt of the replacement, and after checking that it is in perfect condition upon receipt of the replacement by heritagestocks. com.

9) In the event that a return does not proceed because the spare part is not in perfect condition, the payment of the return will not be made. In order to recover the spare part, the customer will have to pay for the shipping costs to get the spare part back.

The purchase in supposes the acceptance of these conditions.
638 Corse Street, 08026, Barcelona
93 435 98 81
info@heritagestocks. com
CIF: 50307894-V